Prologue (english), traduction de Patty Hannock

(Les Aventures de Nathalie Nicole Nicole)

THE SENSIBLE CHILD. Once upon a time there was a little girl who didn't like other people. And in fact, no one liked her. Moreover, Nathalie Nicole Nicole, she was called Nathalie Nicole Nicole, was deeply unhappy. She had no parents. Her parents had immediately abandoned her. She had no home. With winter coming on, that adds up.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. Nathalie? Will you show me your chilblains in the playground shelter?
THE SENSIBLE CHILD. Now, he is Michael Sir-Sir. The heart-throb.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. One day, I shall marry Nathalie Nicole Nicole.
THE SENSIBLE CHILD. He says. And then he mounts his donkey. And gallops right round the school.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. What I want, I get.
THE SENSIBLE CHILD. Says Michael Sir-Sir.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. I rather like girl-monsters like you.
THE SENSIBLE CHILD. Says Nathalie Nicole Nicole.