Nathalie Nicole Nicole's Kingdom, traduction de Patty Hannock

(Les Aventures de Nathalie Nicole Nicole)

NATHALIE. We could build a town especially for demented children.
NATHALIE. A refuge-town.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. Yes. All the world's demented children would find asylum in our country.
NATHALIE. Yes. We could exploit them.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. Yes. We could force them to sew you a night-gown. Sew the night to the day. They would never succeed. They'd fail every time. We'd never ever encourage them. We'd insult them. Tell them they're hopeless. That they're incompetent. We'd say "You poor things. You're really not good with your hands, are you." We'd make little comments.
CLEO. We'd tell them "you don't know the first thing about life, you poor things" and then we'd bash them.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. We'd round up hopeless teams of losers.
CLEO. We'd put all the hopeless children together.
NATHALIE. They'd all think they were hopeless.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. They wouldn't get anywhere in life.
CLEO. We'd start a choir of hopeless children and then we'd send them to other kingdoms to humiliate them.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. They'd come back feeling miserable with their hopeless voices. They'd never dare sing again.
CLEO. They'd wail. They'd scratch their loins in bitterness.
CLEO, MICHAEL SIR-SIR AND NATHALIE. We shall be the Demented Kingdom's abominable children.
CLEO. Then afterwards, we'd suddenly love them to make them more demented. To make them completely sick in the head.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. We'd pretend to be nice to them.
NATHALIE. We could give them cuddles.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. We'd ask them to forgive us. We'd make them stupid. Then we'd chuck them out into the world so that they'd die instantly.
NATHALIE. We could give them bowls of dust for dinner.
MICHAEL SIR-SIR. And then, we'd plague them by playing the ukulele all night long. We would be unbearable kings.
NATHALIE. There it is. There. There's our King's Agenda.
THE SENSIBLE CHILD. Says Nathalie then, she shakes her rattle. She adjusts her crown. She does a little curtsey. And then she smiles, graciously.