Witchcraft, traduction Patty Hannock

(Les Aventures de Nathalie Nicole Nicole)

NATHALIE. There's hardly anything left of me this morning. Night stole everything from me. And here I am like a bottle of beer washed up with the tide. Nice and polished. Smooth. Where's my sharp edge? My fever? Yes. The demons of the night stole my rage and my fever. I am left on the shore, desperately normal. No one can distinguish me from my peers. I say "Yes, yes".  I agree with Blagdoners' opinions. I let them go on and on. I listen, and absolutely never take sides. I am discreet. But at night, I am dreadful. My cowardice is infinite. My disdain infinite. I smack good people. I am cruel. HA! HA! Beware of me!
NATHALIE. I smack them I scream and I bewitch them. I have twisted ideas I'm toxic. I have a little black garden where I cultivate jealousy. And vice grows over my heart like nettles. And I water my little black garden I water it I water it I nurture it. And in my garden I cultivate the instruments of revenge. And soon, as soon as I'm ready, I'll breathe fire. Wield my fist. I'll be able to smash your jaw in and at last I'll taste the joys of the murder. I shall be beautiful at last. Singular and cruel. I'll let my fate run it's own course. And then, I'll walk into the cafeteria. One fine day. And first I'll kill all the ugly little girls. Yes. I'll send them to Hell where they'll pay for their ugliness. And then, I'll line the school helpers up all along the schoolyard wall. The ladies with their pale blue aprons. "What the fuck is that apron! " I'll scream with my powers and mouth of flames, me, Nathalie, the infernal thing, yes, I'll scream "Off with your clothes! Bare bottoms, ladies, bare bottoms!" And they'll have to take off their thick support hose! Their thick tights! "Take off your big knickers! Your thick tights!" I'll scream through my metal teeth, and all the ladies will drop their big underpants in the yard, and finally, they'll be seen for what they really are those she-monsters, wet-nurses, they'll stand there with their fat thighs, stretch marks and varicose veins, and I'll set them on the children in the sandpit. The kids would faint to death! Terrified by such obscenity. Yes! I'll tie them together like a pack of wild dogs, a pack of huskies my fat char ladies, and I'll whip them from my chariot of madness "Go on! Bite! Eat them!" And the teacher's help ladies, freed of their functions at last, will give themselves up to fornication, to cannibalism, and totally mad, mad as they really are, they'll start by devouring the youngest ones, the ones from the nursery, yes, the babies, they'll eat them as soon as they pop out with the placenta and all the rest, so, I'll shout "Victory! Victory!" yes, I'll call a press conference, and then, having become normal again, I'll create a scandal, at once, I'll call the police, I'll put on my special eye-witness face "Frankly, I wish I hadn't been there it was horrific come this way I'm traumatised" then I'll accuse them, I'll describe everything I'll say "She did it, that one did it and so did that woman" I'll tremble and say "I saw everything", and the Devil my father will be proud of me, he'll be delighted, ah! Lord! Can you imagine how wicked children suffer? It's tough living up to parents like that.
THE SENSIBLE CHILD. Says Nathalie then, she cries. She cries.
NATHALIE. It's nothing, I'm just tired.
NATHALIE. It's falling apart. It's all falling apart today. It has to, now and then.
THE SENSIBLE CHILD. Then, she takes a hot bloodbath. She fondles her bats.